Wire Mesh Locate at Wasatch Dialysis Center - Salt Lake City, Utah

Need to know what type of reinforcing you have in your concrete? Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Salt Lake City recently mobilized to Wasatch Dialysis Center to locate any anomalies in the concrete where a new scale was going to be installed. The technician on site was able to mobilize to the job site and map any and all anomalies in the concrete as well as determine the type of reinforcing in the concrete. The information provided by the technician allowed for the contractor to be better prepared for the project and avoid any dangers in the area.

Ground Penetrating radar Systems of Salt Lake City provides services on several medical facilities such as the Wasatch Dialysis Center due to the abundance of dangers in the concrete. Many medical facilities are beginning to require Ground Penetrating Radar System’s services because of our reliability, consistency and accuracy. If you would like to learn more about concrete imaging or other services we provide please contact your local representative at sam.baldwin@gp-radar.com or 801-599-2115. GPRS of Salt Lake City can assist on any project in Utah. We have recently mobilized to Park City, Ogden, Provo and Heber to assist on projects.