VA Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Salt Lake City visited the Veterans Hospital to assist J&J Electric in locating reinforcing steel and conduits in the concrete. J&J Electric needed to core holes through the concrete to run conduit to the new addition to the building. The technician on side was able to locate all the reinforcing steel in the area and conduits running in the coring location.

Concrete penetrating equipment is especially designed for concrete application and is the best method for locating any dangers below the surface prior to concrete coring. Using GPRS of Salt Lake City can prevent costly delays due to damaging reinforcing steel or conduits. For more information about how GPRS of Salt Lake City can keep your project on schedule contact Utah’s Regional Manager at or 801-599-2115. GPRS Inc. also has an office in Boise who has mobilized to Pocatello, Idaho Falls and Twin Falls.