Utility Project on Highway 89 in South Salt Lake, Utah

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of SLC was recently contracted to locate voids beneath the surface prior to directional drilling in South Salt Lake, UT. Southeast Directional Drilling was concerned with many hazards when performing this job such as utilities and voids; and used GPRS Inc. of Salt Lake to image these hazards for them and mark the precise location and depth. This technology (GPR) is called many things such as GPR, Concrete Imaging, Concrete Scanning, Sonar, Concrete Scan, Imaging, Radar and more.

Ground x-ray technology can detect soil density changes, which makes it a great tool for locating voids and utilities. GPRS uses the most advanced technology with real time data output so images can be marked directly on the surface of the material being analyzed. GPRS Inc. of Salt Lake City can perform this type of survey in Ogden, Logan, Brigham City and Smithfield.

GPRS of Utah is also able to locate rebar within concrete, map the location of post tensioning, image concrete in order to find sub surface conduits and perform site surveys to locate any utilities prior to excavation.