Utility Locate For Consulting Company - Salt Lake City, Utah

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was called to perform a utility locate in Salt Lake City, Utah for EBI Consulting. The customer was going to perform some soil boring and was concerned about hitting utilities at the local Jr. High School. GPRS was able to locate sprinkler lines in the soil and marked them clearly for the customer to clearly miss.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems used a 400 MHz antenna for this application and a Radio Detection (RD) device to detect electrical current deep in the soil. GPRS’ 400 MHz antenna was ideal because of its accurate deep penetration and the open clear area the technician had to work.

For a similar scan on your jobsite please contact Adam Kubicki at 303-913-8630 or at X-ray has also been performed in Provo City, Orem, and Sandy, Utah. Adam Kubicki can also perform sonar in Idaho and Montana.