Utility Duct Locate in Eagle Mountain, Utah

Underground x-ray is not just for locating utilities it can be used to locate any possible unknowns below the surface. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Salt Lake City recently mobilized to Eagle Mountain to locate metal lids to a conduit duct bank. The technician on site was able to locate the duct bank lids and provide a precise depth, which allowed to city employees to access the duct doing as little damage possible to the roadway. The conventional way of locating these would have been to pot hole and guess where they might be, GPRS of Salt Lake City provided a faster, easier and more cost effective way to do this with soil imaging.

Soil x-ray is a safe and simple process that produces immediate results, which means there is no waiting on film to develop like with conventional x-ray. GPR equipment is small and portable providing traffic to be flagged around the scanner opposed to blocking off the road way for pot holing. A survey like this one can be provided in any city in Utah but especially: Provo, Ogden, and Park City. For more information about GPR contact your local representative at

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