UST Locate in Ogden, Utah

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Salt Lake City proved again the importance of scanning prior to excavation. Saunders Outdoor Advertising needed to dig to install a footer for an outdoor sign, so they contracted GPRS of SLC to clear their excavation area. The technician on site was able to locate four large underground storage tanks near the area and give a precise depth to the tanks. The technician’s findings confirmed that the intended site was an old gas station, in which the tanks were not removed.Soil imaging is up and coming technology in the construction field. It was originally used for geophysical studies of sediment layers but in recent years has been geared toward locating utilities, voids and underground storage tanks for the construction industry. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Salt Lake City is dedicating to providing important information regarding dangers below the surface to the Utah area. If you would like more information about the capabilities of GPR and the services GPRS of SLC provides contact your local representative Sam Baldwin at or