Unmarked Grave / Missing Person Locate in Roy, Utah

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Salt Lake City was recently called by Layton City Police Department to help search a suspected burial site for a missing person. The missing person traveled to Utah from California but never returned leaving Police to suspect foul play. The detectives working the case had information which led them to believe the missing person may have been buried somewhere in or around a residence. The technician on site was able to mobilize quickly to the site and scan the area. GPRS of Salt Lake City was able to determine a few specific areas where a recommendation was given to dig. The data from the ground penetrating radar survey assisted the Layton Police Department to obtain an additional warrant to dig in the areas of concern, as identified by GPRS, leading to the discovery of the missing person.

"The use of ground penetrating radar equipment provided valuable data showing specific areas of soil disturbance, warranting further examination through excavation.”

-Detective Davis Layton Police Dept.

Ground penetrating radar technology is used in many ways. GPRS of Salt Lake City specializes in locating: utilities, reinforcing steel, voids and underground storage tanks for environmental and construction companies. GPRS of Salt Lake City also has specialized concrete radar technology able to “see” into concrete for locating: rebar, PT cables, voids and conduits. For more information about Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Inc. and its capabilities please contact your local representative at or 801-599-2115. GPRS of Salt Lake City can provide this type of survey throughout the state of Utah.