University Hospital Facilities and Engineering in Salt Lake City, Utah

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Salt Lake City recently was contracted by the University Hospital to investigate a pan deck slab that had bent during construction. The technician on site was able to map all the reinforcing steel in the slab, give precise depth on those locates and give the approximate size of the re-bar used. This information will allow a structural engineer to determine what needs to be done in order to correct this defect in the pan decking.

Geophysical investigating is a new alternative to x-ray, and is gaining popularity because of its speed in which it can cover an area. Concrete imaging in the hands of a certified technician is extremely accurate and can provide much more information that conventional x-ray. Another benefit of radar is it doesn’t emit any harmful radiation, so it can be used in and around active buildings with no consequences.

If you would like to know how Ground Penetrating Radar Systems can assist you, contact Utah’s Regional Manager at or 801-599-2115 to discuss how we can be of service. GPRS of Boise has assisted on similar projects in Pocatello, Twin Falls and Idaho Falls. The Boise office can be reached at 208-994-2715.