GPRS of Utah Scans Interstate 15 - Sandy, Utah

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) was recently contacted by a customer to scan areas adjacent to an off-ramp and an on-ramp of Interstate 15 in Sandy, Utah. GPRS utilized the 400 MHz Ground Penetrating Radar antenna, the Radio Detection Pipe Locating Wand, and the Profiler EMP-400.

The Profiler tool was utilized because the customer was very particular about completely clearing the subsurface of any utilities or other unknown anomalies in preparation for drilling several wells. Through electromagnetic induction (EMI), the Profiler creates a kind of “heat map” showing highly conductive subsurface anomalies. The EMI data is collected concurrently with Global Positioning System (GPS) data so that the resulting heat map can be overlaid onto a Google Earth Map. This tool is particularly valuable as it can gather data from up to 4 meters underground. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was able to clear, with an even greater degree of confidence than normal, that the areas where the customer wanted to drill were open and clear of obstructions.

Utility locating is as much science as it is art. At GPRS, we having the tools to locate gas lines, water lines, electric lines, telecommunication lines, underground storage tanks (USTs), septic tanks, duct banks, and even buried monitoring wells or water well heads. In addition to having an extensive suite of tools, we also have the training, experience, and knowledge base in our nation-wide network of technician to correctly interpret the data that our equipment returns.

For utility locating needs anywhere in Utah, please contact Forrest Sim at 801-599-2115 or You can also contact Cooper Cox at 801-419-7031 or We have recently completed projects in Bountiful, Salt Lake City, North Salt Lake, Sandy, Draper, Provo, Orem, Logan, Price, Park City, Farmington, West Valley City, the Salt Lake International Airport, Heber City, Roosevelt, Vernal, and elsewhere.